Change or reset the password of your HFU account

Change password


Aus Sicherheitsgründen sollten Sie immer ein neues Passwort verwenden, welches nicht mit den letzten drei Passwörtern übereinstimmt!

  1. Click "Change password" and log in with your HFU username and your current password.
  2. Specify an additional alternative email address. If you loose or forget your password, you are able to reset the password yourself in the future.

Reset password


You can only reset the password of your HFU account yourself if you have already provided an alternative email address when you changed the password in the past. If this is not the case, please contact the Service desk .

  1. Start this process to reset your password.
  2. You will receive an email at the alternative email address which you have stored. If you do not receive an email, ...
    • ... check your spam folder.
    • ... check any alternative email addresses which you may have used.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email.

Questions or problems

If you have any problems with resetting your password or with registration, please contact our Service Desk.

  • Service Desk

    Furtwangen Campus

    • Phone: 07723 920 9585
  • Service Desk


    • Phone: 07723 307 9585
  • Service Desk

    Tuttlingen Campus

    • Phone: 07461 1502 9585